Schuyler Donovan

If you were to ask anyone who knows me to summarize who I am in a couple phrases, you are likely to hear: “boating enthusiast,” “passionate yachtsman,” or “coastal marine advocate.” Boating has always been my true passion, and in my own words, it’s what I live for.

I was first introduced to boating by my father as far back as I can remember. My first memories of boating consist of being out in the barn prepping the 10’ row boat, homemade chickadee, or my father’s Bristol 35 sailboat. Growing up in a boating family, the highlight of my summers was sailing “downeast” on the coast of Maine every August with a couple close boating families.

After graduating from High Point University with a business degree I was fortunate enough to purchase my own boat, an older Robalo 190 CC and then assisted my older brother with the purchase of his 35’ Mediterranean Mainship cruiser, a boat that he currently lives on now.

My experience stretches farther than just sailing trips along the coastal areas and islands of New England – from Charleston Harbor, the northeast coast of Florida and to the southern coast of Jamaica. I’ve cruised and assisted with deliveries through NY Harbor up through the Long Island Sound, motored around the intercoastal waterway in Georgia and all over New England.

I currently reside in Boston, Massachusetts but frequent my home roots in Kennebunkport, Maine where my passion for boating began.

I strongly believe integrity is the key to beginning every meaningful relationship and I treat every client as if I am working directly for you, treating your needs as if they were my own. If you’re looking for a bright, hardworking, energetic resource to help find the perfect boat for you, I’m your guy!

Cell: 207.590.9095

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